Care and repair

Care and repair increase the value of your items and make them live longer

Underutilization of clothes is one main component in the fashion industry’s sustainability crisis. Every year, millions of clothes are produced and consumed, just to be thrown away after a few wears. With Holzweiler Re:vive, we want to contribute to change that!

While resale represents a promising solution to keep items in use, repairs represent another vital route to extend clothing longevity and reduce waste. Recognizing that the most sustainable clothes are the ones already in your closet, taking good care of your items is one of the best things you can do for the planet in a clothing context!

Introducing some of the most essential product care and repair tricks, we will help you fight the throwaway culture and strengthen the lifespan of your items!




  1. Wash less and only when necessary
  2. Wash at low temperatures
  3. Hand wash if possible
  4. Follow the instructions on the care label
  5. Consider using a laundry bag
  6. If necessary, visit a professional cleaner
  7. Always air dry
  8. In the event you have resold your Holzweiler item on Holzweiler Re:vive, please make sure the item is freshly laundered, preferably using a perfume-free detergent, and in its best condition. If it has just been cleaned, you may need to use a steamer to make your item look new and ready to wear. If you are selling a pair of shoes or a bag, you should make sure that the item(s) is/are properly cleaned and ready for a new owner. Nothing should be left in bags or pockets. 


  1. Store in a cool and dry space protected from sunlight 
  2. Only store items that are clean and dry
  3. Use hangers or fold your items nicely
  4. Consider the storage needs of the individual item
  5. Avoid overfilling your closet.


  1. Wear your items for appropriate occasions
  2. If necessary, use a steamer and fabric shaver to make your items look their best.




  1. Sewing a button back on an item is easily done. If a button is lost, there are millions of cool buttons out there to source from.

Sew a Button Repair Guide from iFixit 


  1. Fixing a zipper can be tricky but is possible in most cases
  2. Replacing a zipper is not difficult but don’t forget to find a replacement that matches the size and style needed for a proper repair
  3. Most tailors fix and replace zippers and will be ready to help if you are unable to do it yourself.

How you can fix a zipper in places like a pocket from iFixit

Holes, rips, tears, pilling

  1. Can you fix your item with a cool patch that’ll give it a personal touch?
  2. Some kinds of damage can be fixed by professional tailors. Visit one to get your item back in shape.

Five Ways to Fix, Patch, and Mend Your Favorite Clothes from iFixit



  1. Resell or donate well-kept items
  2. If your item is damaged, you’ve grown out of it or it just doesn’t match your style anymore, you may consider giving it a new start by upcycling it. If you are unable to do it yourself, a professional can help upgrade your item to make you or someone else rediscover its potential.

Through care and repair, Holzweiler items can keep and regain their value. Together we can make our clothes live longer!